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joe on posted a comment 5 years, 0 months, 6 days ago IP of scammer that sells fake cars, tractors, motor bikes, etc world wide......Takes money and delivers nothing......Also makes threats to find me if i don't stop messing up his operations.....Bring it jerk!
joseph stecki on posted a comment 5 years, 0 months, 6 days ago Also related to selling non exsistant cars ,motorcycles, tractors misc items on ebay, takes money and no item send.....threatened to get me if I didn't stop tring to expose & stop his activities....Bring it jerk!
joe on 510-335-1170 posted a comment 5 years, 3 months, 15 days ago I.D. said ALERT!
joe on posted a comment 5 years, 10 months, 21 days ago Fake publishers Clearing house SCAMMER....Publishers Clearing House (PCH) does NOT send e-mails notifying consumers that they have won a major prize (of $1,000.00 or more). If you win a major prize in our sweepstakes our PCH Prize Patrol will contact you in person. For smaller prizes (less than $1,000.00), winners are notified by overnight delivery services (FedEx, UPS), certified mail, or email in the case on online giveaways.
j on posted a comment 6 years, 1 month, 8 days ago From: Lt General Peter Olu (Rtd). <> To: Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 10:03 AM Subject: SECURITY CONFIDENTIAL DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY PAYMENT SECURITY CONFIDENTIAL DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY PAYMENT Attention: Our Honorable Beneficiary I am General Peter Olu (Ltd) National Special Adviser to the New President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Federal Republic of Nigeria, I am delighted to inform you that the contract panel, which just concluded it seating in Abuja just released your name among contractors to benefit from the Diplomatic Immunity Payment. This Panel was primarily delegated to investigate manipulated contract and inheritance claims,contracts and over-invoiced payment as the negative effects has eaten deep into the Economy of our dear country. Disregard any replica of this message without the presidential allocation code as stated above. However, we wish to bring to your notice that your contract / inheritance profile is still reflecting in our central computeronic presidential system as an unpaid contract / inheritance during auditing excise. Your payment file was forwarded to my office by the auditors as unclaimed fund, we wish to use this medium to inform you that for the time being, Federal Government of Nigeria have stopped further payment through bank to bank transfer, payment by draft or ATM except on some special instructions, due to foreign beneficiary numerous petitions to United Nations, FBI, CIA and international police against Nigeria on wrong payment and diversion of foreign funds to different accounts In this regards we are going to send your contract or inheritance part payment of US$4.5 Million.To you via our accredited shipping company and I have secured every needed documents to cover the money. Note: The money is coming on 1 security proof box. The box are sealed with synthetic nylon seal and padded with machine. Please you don't have to worry for anything, as the transaction is 100% secure. The box are coming with a Diplomatic agent who will accompany the box to your house address. Be informed that we have verified your payment file as directed to us and your name is next on the list of our outstanding contract/inheritance fund beneficiaries to receive their payment at this plenary section of the year 2013 and due to too many funds beneficiaries due for payment at this plenary section of the year, you are entitled to receive the sum of Four Million five Hundred United States Dollars (US$4,500,000) only, as part payment so as to enable us pay other beneficiaries. To facilitate with the process of this transaction, please kindly re-confirm the following information below: 1) Your full Name and Address; 2) Phones, Fax and Mobile No; 3) Profession, Age and Marital Status material handler; 4) Copy of any valid form of your Identification; Note: The diplomat does not know the original contents of the box.What l declared to them as the contents is Sensitive Photographic Film Materials for security reasons. I did not declare money to them please. If they call you and ask you the contents please tell them the same thing Ok,call me on my direct phone +234-8151 517 225. confirm the receipt of this message and send the requirements to me immediately you receive this message. note that is urgent you get back to us because the boxes are schedule to live as soon as we hear from you. Call me immediately. Congratulations. Best Regards, Lt General Peter Olu (Rtd). National Security Adviser to the President Federal Republic of Nigeria.
JOE on posted a comment 6 years, 1 month, 18 days ago They change their identities daily....Very bothersome.....will not stop spam....Hey!