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Phone Number: 818-756-7488  Follow
Search Date: 01/21/2017
Area: CA
Provider Type: LANDLINE
Carrier Info: PACIFIC BELL
Timezone: Information Unavailable

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  • Tameka On April 13, 2012 do not call
  • Lee On April 10, 2012 Need a name and address to access incredible wholesale savings of print media and refer others for extra savings on future orders
  • Florentino On April 03, 2012 dont want this no. on our phone
  • Anonymous On September 18, 2012 I have no idea what it is
  • Josh On June 12, 2012 Keep getting a call from this number. Haven't responded yet. They left one voicemail that was very garbled & all I heard was my name mentioned. Most likely spam. Maybe I'll respond next time.
  • iPhone User On June 25, 2012 Me as well
  • On July 22, 2012 Have had few rings but no messages. Please delete my num - DO NOT CALL.
  • iPhone User On July 26, 2012 Market research comp that pays you for your opinion/participation! Not spam!
  • iPhone User On October 10, 2012 Spam only way to avoid is to say you are a child & its tour telephone from parents the rings finally stopped
  • iPhone User On October 13, 2012 Do not call SPAM
  • iPhone User On October 15, 2012 Spam. Won't leave me alone.
  • iPhone User On October 18, 2012 Research comp just continues calling even when you say them to stop
  • Walt On October 28, 2012 An English speaking male sound (not recording) questioned to speak to some person who speaks Chinese. I spoke no one here speaks Chinese. He spoke 'oh, nobody there speaks?' OK. End of call.
  • iPhone User On December 18, 2012 Spam
  • iPhone User On January 13, 2013 No msg
  • Home phone user On January 18, 2013 This 818-756-7488 has phoned twice, different days. My caller ID says, ISA Research, does not leave a msg on machine. This time I answered, they hung up on me. It only chimed three times, then I answered. Whats up with that!
  • Grannymle On February 16, 2013 Calls are coming in every day at all different hours. Caller ID shows ISA Research. Found their website. Send an e-mail to donotcall@isacorp.com with your full telephone num to be removed from their calling list.
  • iPhone User On March 03, 2013 They need to stop
  • On March 08, 2013 Julie Smith rings tells she is with ISA Research & begins asking questions in regards our banking experience & who we bank with, throwing nums out in regards our business. I hung up, she phoned back & when I said her I am not answering anymore questions she spoke she will call back at a more convenient time. Never heard of them but she tells they call all year! Balony!
  • On March 22, 2013 They phoned & did not speak when I responded so I hung up.
  • On March 25, 2013 Call 818-756-7397 to stop the calls.
  • An Android User On June 16, 2012 Survey
  • A Web User On July 02, 2012 Wanted to say to some person else in the family.
  • An Android User On July 13, 2012 Calls everyday
  • An Android User On July 15, 2012 Red Cross survey.
  • Kai On August 04, 2012 Claaer spoke his name was David Hayes & that he wasn't selling anything but I yelled at him to "GET THE 333 OFF THE LINE MO343ERF344ER!"
  • walt On August 21, 2012 When they phoned the first time I tod them to NEVER call this num again. They have phoned four times all day now for five days. I would relly enjoy to shut them down either bring whatever action can be brought against them
  • the truth On September 10, 2012 The caller ID showed "ISA Research". But I did not respond it.
  • Giselle On October 17, 2012 The caller said that she was calling from Anthem Blue Cross & that she was just completing a brief questionaire in order to improve service. She then questioned if me either my husband had Anthem Blue Cross & if I had it through my employer & she named the company. If she's calling from Anthem shouldn't she know? I taken off of their list.
  • An Android User On October 18, 2012 Calls everyday. Very irritating
  • A Web User On October 24, 2012 Number wants you to respond a short survey.
  • A sprint iPhone user On October 29, 2012 Got a call from this num claiming to be giving a questionaire in regards the upcoming election. After giving them my zip code, age range & race, I began to obtain uncomfortable almost enjoy they was attempting to steal my identity either something..ugh I feel bad..Who are these people???!!!! STOP CALLING!!
  • An Android User On November 14, 2012 continuosely calling with inaccurate num.
  • Brian Lauritzen On December 09, 2012 Stupid questionaire & I thought I was on the no call list.
  • An Android User On January 13, 2013 don't know who this is
  • An Android User On April 27, 2012 Some1 from Edna insurance later I've said them many times to stop calling
  • An Android User On April 30, 2012 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
  • An Android User On May 03, 2012 Said something bout an interview. BS!
  • A Web User On July 01, 2012 three rings in last 2 weeks... no message, vioce either otherwise...
  • An Android User On May 04, 2012 Spam. When I responded it was a survey...
  • Samy On May 17, 2013 Very annoying
  • Annoyed On May 05, 2013 They call everyday lately. No voicemail. I am annoyed that they call even after 9pm.
  • a On March 25, 2013 Call 818-756-7397 to stop the calls.
  • eric On January 14, 2013 this woman calls and says hello then hangs up, or I just hear breathing, have this number blocked as soon as possible
  • Not saying On September 29, 2012 They call all the time and hang up. DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE!
  • John On April 29, 2012 Just another stupid telemarketer. Do NOT answer!