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Address: TAMPA FL
Phone Number: 813-574-4263  Follow
Search Date: 01/21/2017
Area: FL
Provider Type: LANDLINE
Carrier Info: AC-WEST TEL, INC. - F
Timezone: Information Unavailable

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  • Guest On November 30, -0001 Recorded msg that I won a trip to Mexico...yadda yadda yadda.
  • Guest On November 30, -0001 Missed call, no message!
  • Jason On August 07, 2012 chimed on our mobile, first time 11:23 AM today. No message left.
  • Anonymous On September 27, 2012 Dental. ins. Recording
  • iPhone User On October 31, 2012 Message in regards few kind of drugs. They phoned 2 days in a row.
  • iPhone User On December 27, 2012 Spammer
  • An Android User On November 23, 2012 Offering a 100 dollar present card but you have to pay a fee to ship it & activate it. Hang up on this number...
  • An Android User On December 17, 2012 Telemarketor
  • An Android User On December 31, 2012 Spam
  • An Android User On August 30, 2012 Automated call attempting to sell health insurance
  • An Android User On August 31, 2012 Recorded msg in regards insurance
  • A Web User On October 01, 2012 I got a call from this num wanting to award me a free gift. It tells to dial three to be removed from their list which I did. Let's see...
  • A BlackBerry User On October 23, 2012 Calling in regards free present card & asking for personal information.
  • jennifer On October 12, 2012 keep calling my work number at off hours, i finally returned it, it was some kind of sales horse pucky, after about a minute they gave the the chance to "opt out", recording said it would take a week, let's see if they stop calling.
  • guest On October 04, 2012 i won a trip... solisator...
  • guest On October 04, 2012 solisator - i won a trip. don't answer. yada yada yada yada .....