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Phone Number: 704-412-4023  Follow
Search Date: 01/21/2017
Provider Type: WIRELESS
Timezone: Information Unavailable

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  • Guest On November 30, -0001 This irritating telephone caller will call my residence weekly from Charlotte, NC. When I call back, the telephone num disconnects.
  • Guest On November 30, -0001 this num just called. caller ID charlotte nc. phoned num back nothing but busy signal,
  • Guest On November 30, -0001 same here
  • Guest On November 30, -0001 caller hangs up
  • Guest On November 30, -0001 will not leave message
  • Guest On November 30, -0001 What is the Do Not Call List - I will say you A waste of your time. you say them to remove your number, they call you back the next day, so I have decided not to respond my phone, I have turned the answering machine off & if by chance I respond the telephone as soon as they start speaking I hang up the phone.
  • Guest On November 30, -0001 just received this call is there anyone you can call to report this crap i am on the do not call list
  • Ignacio On January 15, 2013 YES these individuals ARE A TELEMARKETER.
  • Creola On January 13, 2013 rings friquently but no one was there.
  • Marlon On January 11, 2013 this no. just called. Calling-ID charlotte nc. chimed no. back nothing but engaged signal,
  • Jospeh On January 10, 2013 who was this?
  • Tommy On January 09, 2013 similar here
  • Clifford On January 04, 2013 This call comes every day and these individuals put the telephone down
  • Noe On January 02, 2013 chimed just now and put the telephone down. Calling-ID 'Charlotte NC'
  • Carmel On January 02, 2013 chimed home around 6:15 pm and put the telephone down. soon as we chimed the no. we had a engaged signal
  • Jamal On January 02, 2013 bothers to leave no msg.
  • Adrianna On January 01, 2013 This irritating phone individual calling will call our residence weekly with Charlotte, NC. soon as we call back, the phone no. disconnects.
  • Caleb On December 31, 2012 damn. this even had past the phone screen as a repeat offender
  • Kasie On December 31, 2012 just had this call was there anybody you can call to report this crap We are on the national do not call directory
  • Glennis On December 30, 2012 was this a person, telemarketer either what?
  • Nigel On December 26, 2012 How obnoxious to just call and do not tell nothing and put the telephone down // do you've a life at all // wow ur mom have to be proud!!!!
  • Tyrell On December 25, 2012 wont pass on msg
  • Giovanna On December 25, 2012 This no. rings our home every day , needs to stop.
  • Vina On December 22, 2012 listens and puts the telephone down
  • Maude On December 20, 2012 rings 2 times all day!!! bothers to leave no message
  • Deandre On December 15, 2012 individual calling puts the telephone down
  • Android User On February 02, 2013 these individuals suck
  • Android User On February 02, 2013 fraud
  • Android User On February 02, 2013 suck
  • Android User On February 02, 2013 spam
  • iPhone User On February 02, 2013 No one responded
  • An Android User On January 17, 2013 I phoned this num back & it never chimed
  • A Web User On January 25, 2013 phoned but left no msg
  • G On January 23, 2013 Called at 10PM and hung up by the time we answered. Tried to call back number but said it was disconnected.
  • Bert On January 23, 2013 Getting calls from this number and they are in the telemarketing business, Alltel should shut this and any other number down. They have computers that register the numbers a cell phone caller makes and can disable it without any problem. Alltel should be put in jail.
  • hr On January 23, 2013 this one even got past the phone screener
  • D Carter On January 22, 2013 Why can't Alltel be held accountable for calls they are supporting by allowing this to go on and on? I am on the do not call list. Why do they continue to harrass me?
  • SY On January 17, 2013 Calls and hangs up alot
  • Wyatt On January 17, 2013 Some gimmick or another warped idiot.
  • Lynn H On January 16, 2013 just called and hung up lots of times.
  • wes On January 15, 2013 wanted to sell me something if I am a senior citizen.
  • Larry David On January 14, 2013 Repetitive aggressive sales calls.