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Phone Number: 303-351-0583  Follow
Search Date: 01/21/2017
Area: CO
Provider Type: LANDLINE
Timezone: Information Unavailable

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  • Guest On November 30, -0001 Called my mobile phone, spoke they was calling to obtain me an auto quote from a 'national insurance carrier,' I questioned which ones & she rattled off few comp names such as State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual. Asked where call center was located, she spoke in Los Angeles, CA, & when questioned to be transferred to supervisor, she said me there wasn't one on duty. I questioned for a call back num & was provided the 303-351-0583 number, refused to provide me a business office number. Claimed their comp name was 'National Insurance.' The same outfit phoned again two hours later, & spoke their call center was in Carson City, NV, & hung up when I questioned for a supervisor.
  • LT On November 30, -0001 Telemarketer.    Auto insurance.    Automated call with "press one for blah, press two for blah".
  • Tanner On December 31, 2012 con. these individuals wont answer basic questions we ask. similar two people answer phone soon as we chimed repeatedly.
  • King On December 29, 2012 Wow. we hate scammers. This website was awesome. thank you to all.
  • Patrick On December 26, 2012 we received a call with this no. but didnt answer this. we subsequently searched for the no. and can see that many others are getting unexpected calls.
  • Elmer On December 24, 2012 had a call earlier today with no voicemail left. searched for the no. and found this terrific website; now i am happy we didnt answer
  • Clifford On December 21, 2012 trying to offer insurance.
  • Perry On December 04, 2012 Just received a phone call with 'em tonight. we requested to be put on their dont call directory. these individuals said ok and put the telephone down quickly.
  • Arnoldo On December 03, 2012 we do not answer & these individuals do not pass on msgs. We are a Colorado resident.
  • Elanor On November 19, 2012 Spam call, chimed back num to be deleted waited three/four seconds and subsequently is transfered to a sound mail. calling us many times / day.
  • Shandi On November 16, 2012 many rings and no message with auto insurance
  • Elmer On November 16, 2012 This was auto insurance spam.
  • Romelia On November 16, 2012 we do not answer & these individuals do not pass on msgs. chimed 2 times in short timeframe. Thinking of reporting no. to FCC.
  • Anonymous On January 03, 2013 Auto Insurance fraud
  • Healingneedle On December 03, 2012 Spam sales call
  • On December 03, 2012 Spam - automated insurance taping (sales)
  • JK On December 06, 2012 no voicemail. call back & tells one to say to a person. three to take you off the call list. selling auto insurance. if you have your num on the do not call registry you should report it to FCC regardless. mine is on the DNC list & i continue to obtain random telemarketing.
  • KB On December 10, 2012 Spam sales call.
  • AF On December 10, 2012 Spammer selling auto insurance
  • SNR On December 11, 2012 Insurance scammer.
  • Pupu On December 12, 2012 Insurance Scammer
  • iPhone User On December 13, 2012 Rings - no msg - spammer.
  • RR On December 14, 2012 Insurance scam.
  • iPhone User On December 14, 2012 Told individual i was on national & state list. Disconnected.
  • LG On December 20, 2012 I don't respond and they don't leave messages. I'm a CO resident.
  • Deb On January 15, 2013 Auto insurance scam. Wont Identify company.
  • Lynn On January 18, 2013 I phoned the num back & chose option three for them to remove me from their list.
  • Katie On January 30, 2013 I received a call, then when i phoned it back it was just a busy signal..
  • iPhone User On February 07, 2013 Spam
  • On February 21, 2013 Auto insurance Spam.. Option three removes you from their calling list.
  • dean On February 21, 2013 I didn't respond the call & then looked it up on the internet.
  • An Android User On December 03, 2012 Auto insurance
  • A Web User On December 03, 2012 SPam - automated insurance recording.
  • An Android User On December 06, 2012 Get a auto insurance quote. Automated.
  • An Android User On December 13, 2012 above paying for auto insurance.
  • An Android User On December 14, 2012 auto insurance solicitor, recording.
  • A Web User On December 20, 2012 Called & left no sound mail msg
  • An Android User On January 10, 2013 attempting to sell auto insurance
  • An Android User On January 11, 2013 Recorded msg selling auto insurance
  • An Android User On January 18, 2013 auto insurance spam
  • An Android User On January 23, 2013 Insurance sales
  • Greg On January 23, 2013 They phoned & hung up on me, I phoned back & received the insurance quote line. I questioned for the comp name & she spoke "The Insurance Company". I continued to call back for in regards ten minutes, asking for supervisor, getting hung up on. I phoned & called, eventually getting a msg from the phone network: "The wireless caller you are calling is not available..." I enjoy to think she fell into a well.
  • An Android User On February 05, 2013 Auto Insurance Spammer
  • An Android User On February 18, 2013 Insurance spam
  • An Android User On February 19, 2013 spam call
  • Bob On January 04, 2013 Recorded call about insurance. Filed complaint with national do not call registry...www.donotcall.gov Can file for calling a number on the do not call registry and/or for having a recorded call without a human on the line.
  • Gator On December 20, 2012 Recorded call about insurance. My wife got same song and dance on her phone few days ago. We have a CO number, but are many miles from that state.
  • jeremy On December 14, 2012 Claim to be selling auto insurance but refusing to provide company name or mailing address. They claim their company has no name.
  • Bob S On December 11, 2012 This is a telemarketing concern. I have received 3 calls on my cell, and I am on a do not call list. The first call was offering lower credit card rates, and the second 2 calls were from "The Insurance Center". Several returned calls to this number resulted in being hung up on as i tried to determine who these folks were. The only name that i got was Tina.