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Sonjatremaine on 847-251-1065 posted a comment 19 days ago Sonja tremaine Phone number is 847 251 000
dan on 111MBL posted a comment 1 month, 2 days ago Aggressive driver. Cut us off and then locked up the brakes to make us hit him. He flipped us the bird and then followed us for about 15 minutes. Scary man
Josh on GLHP37 posted a comment 1 month, 12 days ago Hit and run driver.
Patricia Yakemonis on posted a comment 3 months, 13 days ago I was searching on the internet for tutu dress i ideas when i found pictures i took with at my house of a tutu dress i designed. The pictures were on my etsy store and this person posted them on thier own website and passed it off as thiers. After some investigation i found a similar site with too. The website states that they have the dress in stock and will ship available sizes. As i looked at the shop there are numerous pictures of other peoples work i believe this site is fradulant i cant seem to find sny info on it.
Jim Robertson on 6X0N505 posted a comment 4 months, 4 days ago Deranged, psychotic, delusional, hostile, physical driver, will assault.
James Durham on RHN5368 posted a comment 4 months, 25 days ago Shitty person, saw her throw food at another driver for no reason during morning commute. Nutjob