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Profile Image Trent Lowell on 1986 Heather Dr, Monterey Park, CA posted a comment 26 days ago Amy P Lee and Tan Tran own this property.
Dahlia on 614-313-3217 posted a comment 27 days ago Hes name is Michael Ryan Smith Love to call providers, have weird fetishes but always have to careful with him hes scammer showing always with less money
Ivana on 614-313-3217 posted a comment 27 days ago Hes looking for a provider service ( hooker) show up all aggressive and also with with few 20 and rest of singles careful!
Thomas Carlisle on posted a comment 28 days ago Want to see if my wife is on it
Andy Gulati on 6X0N505 posted a comment 1 month, 7 days ago MILF! Moans like a pornstar in bed, but she's a shit driver.
PissedPropertyOwner on 6DZ948 posted a comment 1 month, 17 days ago Crashed thru my gate over Memorial Day weekend! The driver was so apparently high that he was lost, and I told him to get off my property. He tried to run me over,sped off and crashed thru my gate, and as an afterthought, spun donuts in my neighbor's lawn. It's going to cost about $500 to repair the fence, and replace the gate and post, plus I'm losing pasture rent, and he probably did about as much damage to the lawn next door. The highway patrol did stop him later, but won't give me insurance info, only that he is Jason Krattli of Kimberling City. I googled him, this jerk needs to be locked away!