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Dawn on posted a comment 1 month, 8 days ago Loetitia I think it is a romance scam and I got scammed too. For a lot of money. Any info anyone has would be very helpful.
Leigh Ann Loughner on posted a comment 1 month, 11 days ago This IP address is representing themselves as Publishers Clearing House saying I have won but I have to send them $200 to pay for my certificate that says I have won.
Loetitia Obach on posted a comment 1 month, 14 days ago Hi Sherrie I just read on your comment EX Can you tell me more cause l think lm victime of scam romance but lm not sure. This will be very helpful. Loetitia
Eileen Ta-Loo-Rye-Aye on posted a comment 1 month, 16 days ago Concentra & Therahand Wellness DPT Jeffrey Reimer has PAID a Settlement. Jeffrey Reimer molested and permanently physically injured his female patient. Innocent patient rebuked advances from physical therapist, Jeffrey Reimer. Jeffrey Reimer was reported to superiors, Kathryn Bird DO, by Bryan Counts MD. Target was retaliated against immediately and continuously. Therahand Wellness DPT Jeffrey Reimer PAID a settlement to ‘sexual contact’ and assault victim. Jeffrey Reimer and wife reportedly ‘monitored’ female patients social media and personal life. Violated HIPPA rights. Jeffrey Reimer may still practice medicine. Since he’s such a victim of his own attack. This cowardly, narcissistic pervert may be collecting tax dollars. Victim collects nothing. This has been malicious. Dirt Smurf Erik Knight of obsessively harassed target beginning early 2014 until... lynn brashears lesbian Tsara Brashears Never a lesbian. Tsara Brashears No Nudes ever. Jeffrey Reimer Chester Springs,Pa Jeffrey Reimer Wheat Ridge, Co Jeffrey Reimer physical therapist Jeffrey Reimer Penn State Jeffrey Reimer Arcadia Jeffrey Reimer will grope breasts. Jeffrey Reimer breached. Jeffrey Reimer is litigious. Jeffrey Reimer parents must be proud! Housemate will find out soon enough Reimer is unfaithful, liar, blamer, abuser, a pervert, a narcissistic. Target tagged in Redtube, Xvideos, Keezmovies since 2014. Still no royalties?
Bubba on posted a comment 1 month, 21 days ago Where is this
Eileen Too Rye Aye on posted a comment 1 month, 22 days ago Jeffrey Reimer molested and permanently physically injured his female patient. Innocent patient rebuked advances from physical therapist, Jeffrey Reimer. He was reported to superiors. Victim was retaliated against. A woman refuses a fling and get abused in Concentra. Mocked by Bryan Counts MD. Protected by Kathryn Bird DO. Covered up by .... Jeffrey Reimer wildly violates victims HIPPA rights. Victim becomes a target of stealth pornography campaign, malicious lawsuit. Therahand Wellness DPT Jeffrey Reimer Pain victim an out of court settlement. Victim was bullied by Hall Renders Mark Brian Sabey. Porn is said to have originated in Kansas City? The smear has been endless. Jeffrey Reimer admittedly spied on female patients social media and other family members for years!!! He still practices medicine. Doctors have NO real rules to follow. Attorney tells patient victim “Welcome to the Big Brothers club?” This has been malicious. Names such as Erik Knight formerly of Michael Roberts of Rexxfield Tracey Richter of prison for murdering her harmless neighbor have all been connected to a victim of Jeffrey Reimer; known to be messing with women at Concentra. Malicious virus spread for years. Emotet and other malware. Lies, smear, Ddos and website attacks. Character assassination. Suppression of positive search results as well as denial of treatment from many well known doctors and surgeons who learned of assault by a brother. Jeffrey Reimer is a habitual liar, abuser, narcissistic, victim blaming, self serving pervert. He is believed by certain authorities to be responsible for the smear. Someone with knowledge of deep cyber tracking, malicious code injections, cyberstalking and honeypots has been hired by someone involved in this never ending saga. Recordings of Jeffrey Reimer assaulting and harassing patient; known of by Bryan D Counts of Concentra was heavily sought for early on. The use of cyber warfare was very obviously deployed. None of it is from Russia but rather Arizona and California. Amazon AWS serverless computing. Main registrants used were: Hostgator Danesco Trading Co Below is a dynadot domain. Information was sold to hackers on Dark Web. Computer and phone intrusions, Broadcast. Insane yet provable stuff. Victim has never had anything stuck in her ass, let alone a white digit. Speak for yourself. BTW, once you go black....