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  • Among few vehicles in the Prairie Schooner Parking lot who was parked incorrectly, u was the 1 individual who grabbed care to park inside the lines (unlike the pickup that parked to ur left either the Jeep parked in the middle of a travel lane right behind you). Unfortunately when it came to leaving, u had a difficult time getting out since the Jeep turned the two lanes into 1 lane by parking in the middle of the isle & the Ford F-250 to ur left was parked above the line & inches from ur pickup. It grabbed a while for u to navigate out of u stall without striking the Ford pickup truck either backing into the Jeep directly behind u with vehicles approaching around the corner & at least 1 motorist getting impatient wanting ur parking spot even though there is a truck parked above the line. It's great to see at least 1 individual who still parks within the lines & doesn't park where there isn't a parking space such as the jeep who parked in the isle leaving u with very small room to back out of ur stall especially with a pickup parked as well close to ur vehicle. You manage to bypass smashing either auto which is quite a feat. You had to operate less than a inch from two the Jeep & pickup & occupation ur way out of a tight space. If 1 all cared as much as u do in regards parking.

    • Car Details: Red TOYOTA Tacoma
    • Last Seen Location: Ogden, Utah, US
    Anonymous December 17, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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