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  • I was en voyage house from occupation (205 Northbound). This guy was deciding that he was moving to cut off everyone. I normally just obtain a small pissed, however this guy came into my lane where my auto was. So if I wouldn't have swerved when he entered my lane, he would have smash me. I received ur plate thou & I know individuals in law enforcement. So, I will be speaking with them to find out what I can do to obtain in contact with this guy. Seriously, slow the F down, however we will say soon. You can't be in that much of a rush to do anything. I mean, I know u are cool, way cooler then ALL of us.... Can't wait to meet ya. ;)

    • Last Seen Location: Clackamas/Portland, Oregon, US
    Anonymous November 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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