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  • The Q & U series was skipped. This is the new standard issue graphic with the pelican. It began with the NFV series. Chuck Crisler reports that OK/OL/OM prefixes have a larger Louisiana 'lipstick' logo. There may be people as well. Wally Punzmann reports OJV 078 with the larger state name & security watermark thread down the middle. Bradley Gallagher reports a pelican with the larger state name in the NFX series. VCR 700 was the highest reported pelican plate in 2011 before the change to the Bicentennial, however the pelican has resumed issue in 2013, taking up where the Bicentennial left off. Nate Bonnett has seen a higher pre-switch pelican, VCS 446. Low (after Bicentennial): WUL 002 2013-07-03 Nate Bonnett

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    Eric Tanner January 15, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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