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  • Graphic of state & pelican on the left, with '1812 - 200 Years - 2012' slogan on bottom. The serial is shifted to the right on this plate, with no space between the letters & numbers. Joey Hurd reports this series started at VDA000. This series began in early March 2011. Lowest spotted is VDA754 by Francis Lapeyre on 2011-03-30, however Francis as well spotted VCU477 on this base with the large graphic on 2011-08-12, so it appears to have started before VDA. Nate Bonnett reports VCT 795 with the large graphic on this type. Somewhere between VRW002 & VRZ508, the pelican-and-state graphic was made smaller (the 1st letter had been overlapping the graphic, making it harder to read.) Serial is still shifted to the right. Update: VRU595 was spoted with the small graphic on 08/10/2011, so there doesn't appear to be a clean break from the large graphic & the smaller one. Andrew Osborne reports VQX 839 in the small pelican design, & VQD 839 in the large pelican design. Nate Bonnett reports the small design on VQU 727. As of January 2013, Louisiana has changed back to the pelican plate.

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    Nate Bonnett July 03, 2013
    Flagged As: Information

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