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  • This individual is a horrible person. I was walking across a small road to the meter parking lot at UMBC today 2/21/07. A small in front of me - to my right was a disabled african american female in a motorized wheel chair with her escort. This RED FORD EXPLORER rolls up blasting music, blows the stop sign & ignores the disability girl, her escort & myself already half way across the road & swings just INCHES away from the female in the wheel chair!!!! This douchebag in the Explorer didn't even slow down either glance back. BE CAREFUL OF THIS GIRL!! SHE IS AN IMMORAL WHORE! AND - I captured a glimpse of her...shes on few athletic team at UMBC. Short, white female with brown hair.

    • Car Details: RED FORD EXPLORER
    • Last Seen Location: Baltimore, Maryland, US
    Anonymous February 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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