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  • 5:45 PM. Route 5N. BMW guy (with passenger) comes flying up behind a auto that was doing the speed limit & BMW guy was in regards 3 feet behind the auto in front.I don't understand why BMW guy was tailgating as he couldn't go anywhere, as in regards 100' up the way there was a red traffic light with a stopped line of cars.The auto he was tailgating put on his right signal & was turning into Rumuntos Pizza parking lot, just off to the right. The guy turning slowed down hard to make a sharp right.BMW guy almost rear-ended the turning car. Hey BMW guy, back off. What IS the hurry?

    • Car Details: OTHER BMW sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, US
    Anonymous June 06, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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