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  • 5:30 PM, 12/18 On Quakerbrige Rd near the Shop Rite plaza. There are 3 lanes as u head towards Quakerbridge Mall & away from Shop Rite & Wegmans. The right lane is a exit 1 & the middle & left lanes continue above Route 1. Traffic was heavy this evening & allegedly the guy in the Xterra had places to go - as opposed to the rest of us who enjoy sitting in traffic (note my sarcasm). So Mr. Xterra decided he was moving to ride the exit 1 lane & then cut the rest of us off. He attempted to cut me off & I wouldn't allow him so he continued to ride my bumper & put his high beams - here's a clue, smart guy, many high end vehicles have auto dimming rearview mirrors, putting on ur high beams has no effect. I thought I was done with the mighty moron one time I received on Route 1 North, however he managed to catch up to me & ride my bumper & put on his high beams again. All as a result of HE attempted to CUT ME OFF. Idiot. He's a piss poor motorist in a mediocre vehicle.

    • Car Details: Black NISSAN Xterra
    • Last Seen Location: Princeton, New Jersey, US
    Anonymous December 18, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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