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  • Davidson Co. New bases have 'www.tnvacation.com' added to the area right above the County Sticker. The current low on the new base is 096-BBB from Wilson Co. Dave Hermanson confirms that vowels are not old on the new base. Vincent Perillo reported 327-NFD in Nashville, which is almost certainly a continuation of the plates issued to members of the Nashville Fire Dept. as on the last base. He as well reports 992-MPD, which corresponds to the previous issue for the Metro Nashville Police Dept. for their personal vehicles. Upon reaching 999-ZZZ in 2011, the current format of A12-34A began. New format low: A00-06A Knox Co. 2013-07-27 Ken Reager Numbering Sequence: A00-00A, then A00-01A, etc. through A99-99A then A00-00B, A00-01B, etc. The letter Q is not used. Some Z series plates are now showing up, however we don't know what they are for yet. If anybody finds out, please allow us know. Z high: Z31-05Y 2014-05-11 Paul Wilson

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    Shane Ford July 03, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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