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  • I could not ever operate a BMW. I don't have the rude, arrogant mentality for it. OK. So I'm in line standing by to obtain on I-270 south at Montgomery Village Ave. When this asshole, few old guy with a baseball cap & a beard, en voyage a 'middle-age crisis, penis extender convertible', passes up in regards eight auto lengths behind me, to squeeze into my two auto length safety zone. I guess being just 1 auto length ahead is vitally important, eh Dick-weed? When something enjoy this happens, it puts me in a foul mood for my whole commute. One of these days few someone enjoy this guy is moving to pull this stunt when I'm in a really not good mood & I'm moving to 'accidently' rear-end his pretty car. OK. I'm done venting.

    • Car Details: Silver BMW M4
    • Last Seen Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland, US
    Anonymous August 21, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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