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  • I am sick, sick, sick, & tired of north Bennington Rd operators NOT stopping AT ALL before making their right shift toward the entrance ramp to Page Ave eastbound!!!!! There is a reason ur light is red. Helloooooo!!! It's....hmmm, just a crazy guess, however most likely as a result of there are operators making a left toward Page. EVERY TIME I am making my left toward Page, u jerks NEVER stop (barely slow down), & I have to crash on my brakes to bypass smashing you, even though I have the left arrow right of way. I have absolutely been conditioned to prepare myself to ease up on the gasoline & smash the brakes as a result of 9x out of ten few someone pulls out right in front of me. PAY ATTENTION!!! I don't obtain what the problem is with this particular intersection?? I wish Maryland Heights PD either St. Louis County PD would put up Photo Enforced lights there. Okay, I'm finished ranting. You may now go in regards ur day. Thank you. --> tc07 :-)

    • Car Details: All OTHER All
    • Last Seen Location: Maryland Heights, Missouri, US
    Anonymous November 02, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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