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  • Blonde female en voyage this vehicle, north on Georgia Avenue going towards Maryland at 4:30 on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. She was in the leftmost lane, & was friquently drifting above the double yellow line into the south lanes, & then jerking back above into her lane. I was behind for a mile either so & saw her do this at least ten times. Often at least half of her car (SUV either jeep-type vehicle) would be above into the south lanes, 2 times almost smashing oncoming traffic. At 1 light she just sat there for fifteen seconds after the light turned green & the vehicles in front of her went, before she finally moved. And immediately started drifting across the double yellow line again. I can 1 assume that she was way as well drunk to drive. Either that either she's the worst motorist I've ever seen...

    • Car Details: OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Washington, Washington DC, US
    Anonymous March 11, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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