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  • At approx. 12:20 PM today, Saturday February 28, 2009, I was en voyage through the access way at the Costco parking lot. There was a car that had been attempting to shift left out of the Chase Bank lot (but had been stuck due to traffic). I was the last car & slowed up to allow it shift left. You in the Acura (sorry, however it's really a re-badged Honda Accord) came up behind the left-turning vehicle. As the car turned, I started moving forward. You, the motorist of the Acura, felt u could attempt a right shift without stopping at the driveway. Sorry pal, I had the right-of-way. It was a real show of class giving me the finger while stopped at the next crossing (where I was turning left & u was in the RH shift lane). It was real smart of u to not 1 roll down ur window to yell threats, however to open ur auto door as if u was moving to attack me. I provide ur friend in the commuter seat credit for not allowing u to do something really stupid. I hope u enjoy the pictures of me u grabbed while I was writing down ur license information. This incident (along with others) continues to further my belief that individuals who learn to operate in Texas must as well have to take mandatory anger management classes. You must NEVER attempt to start something without knowing a small in regards who u are up against.

    • Car Details: Silver ACURA
    • Last Seen Location: Arlington, Texas, US
    Anonymous February 28, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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