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  • Mercury blvd, by coliseum mall, 7:50am, twelve jan. Traffic on Mercury was uncharacteristically moving at the speed limit, mostly due to the State Police auto just ahead of me in the left hand lane. Oblivious to this fact, along comes LANIQUE, passing on the right, weaving through lanes, in regards 10-15 MPH above traffic. I originally had a safe pursuing distance behind the auto I was following, which was cut to half a car length when LANIQUE cuts in from my right. A couple things happen all at once. LANIQUE realizes that they just fled in behind a trooper, & the upcoming light changes to yellow (not that anybody in VA ever pays attention to this). The immediatre reaction is a full panic stop by LANIQUE. Thankfully I was already backing away from LANIQUE to obtain back to a safe distance, & my truck as well has heavy duty brakes designed to stop with loads double its empty weight. Thankfully, for her, my truck was empty, otherwise she would've wound up a hood ornament. With full anti-lock I stop in regards a car length & a half from the crossing (with no one, thankfully, pursuing immediately behind me). LANIQUE comes to a stop with in regards 3/4 of her auto above the stop line, realizes the trooper went through the light, & that she's now in the intersection, then proceeds through after the light had now turned to red. LANIQUE has no idea how lucky they are. The impact would've done a lot of damage to their vehicle, I doubt it would've done much to my truck. Of course, I'm certain I would've been to blame for pursuing as well closely after getting cut off by a typical VA driver.

    • Car Details: Grey NISSAN Altima
    • Last Seen Location: Hampton, Virginia, US
    Anonymous January 12, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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