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  • I was lucky to obtain the plate num at a red light(which I fled up to just to obtain the plate)because u was flying down North Main Street!!I went forty five just to catch ur plate!!It's a twnty five MPH road!!I know the telephone u was on most likely distracted u so u didn't realize how u was speeding & swerving into the right lane before u suddenly stopped to make a illegal u shift with out signaling..I do know u was en voyage a truck for Autopart International..Maybe since it isn't ur car u could careless..Dude,leave earlier if u have a delivery due by a certain time.Just a suggestion as a result of the way u operate u might not make it to the place at all..Slow down & pay attention..You are not the 1 individual on the road..And I admit,I shouldn't have fled up to obtain the plate either..So I did something inaccurate as well..Just a example of how individuals in general drive.No matter where ur auto is registered,if u are a not good driver,you are a not good driver..

    • Car Details: red OTHER Pick up
    • Last Seen Location: Providence, Rhode Island, US
    Anonymous February 08, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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