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  • February 16, in regards 9:00 am ... sitting at a light, 2nd auto back, & something in my rear-view mirror catches my attention. Attractive middle-aged woman is singing to herself, very animated, very large & contented smile, eyes glancing toward heaven, so I obtain the impression that she's practicing something she's moving to perform in church. The light changes, the auto ahead of me starts to roll, I take my foot off the brake & a horn blasts. Not being certain where the horn is approaching from, either why, I don't accelerate at first. Then I see that the angelic singer behind me is leaning on her horn, so I pull out to make a right turn.The angel-turned-demon floors her car, whips into the no-turn lane to my left, passes me as she is screaming something at me (wish I knew what - I enjoy a good laugh) whips back in front of me in the middle of the turn, & heads down the way speeding.Hopefully, she won't be the 1 to see this. Hopefully few someone in her family will see it & figure out a way to make certain she takes her meds all morning. I've seen worse operators before, however none acting more enjoy they truly required to be institutionalized. God help her kids, if she has any.

    • Car Details: Silver OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Bryan's Road, Maryland, US
    Anonymous February 16, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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