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  • Thursday morning, June 19, approx. 9:00 am. This guy in a HUGE black SUV (sorry u demand to compensate there, buddy) was speeding, tailgating, & weaving through traffic on north Route 1. I saw him approaching up through traffic & then the next thing I know, all I can see in my rearview mirror is this huge grille & 'GMC' backwards. I thought he was gonna take off the back end of my auto when he switched lanes & flew previous me. (Not certain I received the plate num right since I 1 received a quick glance as he was flying by.) He kept this up all through the Ft. Belvoir strip & turned off at Mt. Vernon Highway. Yet alternative dumbass who most likely thinks the new 'fees' won't apply to him...

    • Car Details: Black GMC Yukon XL
    • Last Seen Location: Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, US
    Anonymous July 22, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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