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  • In Kauai County, they started with KH-, then KJ-, KK-, KP-, KR-,KS-, KT-, KV-, KW-, KY-,KZ-, then KA-, & now KB-. Kauai issued KM- for Motorcycle, KX- for Trailer, & KB- for Commercial. The letter L was old in all possible combinations through KSL, however was then discontinued. No obvious reason for why KN- was not used. Even though the Commercial, Trailer, & Motorcycle plates have the letters after the numbers, the letters sequences in these series are not usually duplicated with auto plates. KB- was issued for two Passenger & Commercial. It takes in regards 2 years to use up each two letter sequence (for example KAA through KAZ) on Kauai.

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    Steve Hill June 25, 2014
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