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  • In Honolulu & Maui, cops departments have their own plates. Honolulu originally ran up through HPD 999 & now are seven digit plates from HPD1000 up to somewhere around HPD1350. These are the 1 7-digit plates in Hawaii & almost all cops vehicles on Oahu are seven digits. On Maui, the MPD letters are old for cops cars. On Kauai & Hawaii, cops vehicles use regular county plates. NEW! Honolulu Police Trailer: Black on white rainbow graphic, HAWAII across top, ALOHA STATE across bottom, TRAILER stacked vertically to left of 'HPD'. HPD in smaller size (about 2/3) than nums in order to fit seven digits on plate. These are old primarily for the LED radar-based speed notices on streets that tell 'You are moving xx MPH'. HPD1181 is the high on this type.

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    Ernie MacAulay January 10, 2013
    Flagged As: Information

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