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  • The individual en voyage this auto was making frequent lane changes & using her shift signals each & all time. The problem was that when she old the shift signals she immediately turned without glancing to see what if anything was already in the lane she desired. Unfortunately for me I was in the lane she wanted as they was just starting way occupation & closing her latest lane. I thought we was moving to smash & slammed on my brakes & smash the horn. I thought she had scrapped my auto however wasn't sure. Still, I attempted to signal her to stop so we could check on it. I followed her for in regards five miles attempting to obtain her attention to allow us two check our cars. She simply would not pull over. When she did exit toward road eighty & the east lane she waved. When I was able to stop I checked & certain enough she had scraped my bumper & the right front panel. I have to go the the Ohio State Highway patrol office to file a report, I was spoke that she can & most likely will get a ticket for smash & run. My insurance comp is now researching to obtain the info on her to reach her insurance comp to have them pay for my car.

    • Car Details: White TOYOTA
    • Last Seen Location: Youngstown, Ohio, US
    Anonymous September 05, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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