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  • This is the 2nd run of Flag plates, which started after the Gold Rush plates ended. With the exception of the very earliest plates of this type right after the change back from Gold Rush, all have been fully embossed. These plates appear to have started at ERU hundred in screened form, & then switched to fully embossed in the mid-ERV series. ERV 479 is the highest screened plate reported. ERV 490 is the lowest embossed reported. Rich Cartier confirmed that few leftover sheeting was used, however Alaska will no longer produce all flat plates as a result of of complaints from law enforcement agencies that flat plates could not be discerned in the winter due to way grime. However, the newest base (Alaska Statehood) has screening. Royce reports that the DMV skipped the FAA series. The last plate ordered on the Flag base was FGE 999, however the highest spotted in use are in the FGC series. The remainder of the FGB-FGE Flag plates will eventually be issued in 2010 after the Celebrating Statehood plates end. GVA & GUA-GUZ issued out of sequence. State is currently issuing GTA-GTZ.

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    Dirk Starck June 01, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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