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  • I was headed out Severence Hill Road from Berry Tire to Saint Johnsbury, I was moving the speed limit (30 in Lyndonville, forty in Saint Johnsbury). You was 1/2 auto length the entire way until the steep mountain just before Willey Farm Road where u passed me on a double yellow line & continued to go previous me in the left lane though the crossing at Willey Farm Road. Then I would estimate that u was moving in regards sixty five (in a forty zone) the way u was 'walking' away from me. Too not good a State Trooper was not approaching the other way, that would have MADE MY DAY, however as it is, posting ur ignorant a** here is just as good.

    • Car Details: gray, green or blue, extremely dirty CHEVROLET Sedan
    • Last Seen Location: Lyndonville, Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, US
    Anonymous February 28, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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