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  • First saw u around 9:30pm in a library parking lot en voyage through empty spaces to bypass a gently sloped, oversized however low speed bump. After making a left out of the lot, u made a right shift into a left lane that was in regards to end even though I saw ur lights illuminate two the 'left lane ends' sign & the sign that symbolically depicted the left lane ending. You stayed in the left lane until u was forced to jerk right doing in regards 3 miles a hour above the speed limit (not a huge deal, however it factors into what u did next). At that point the speed limit increased by ten miles a hour, however u kept moving the same speed even though we passed two speed limit signs that must have clued u in. Finally there was a light we had to stop at. We had our lane & a shift lane next to us. You seemed drawn to the shift lane as u stopped partially in it even though u was moving straight. It was NOT a pleasure pursuing u this evening.

    • Car Details: dark OTHER Minivan or SUV
    • Last Seen Location: Centerville/Washington Twp, Ohio, US
    Anonymous September 29, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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