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  • Issued to new & old auto dealers. DI stands for 'Dealer Inventory.' Plates can be transferred between dealer-owned vehicles. Lipstick design, with 'DEALER' embossed on bottom. Renewed annually in December with validation sticker. Update- Dealer plates can now expire in all month. The validation sticker has a slightly narrower font than the standard sticker. As of early 2012, stickers on Dealer plates seem to be using the new standard sticker (which has a wider font than the original stickers with the plate num on the bottom that was introduced in 2001.) Francis Lapeyre reports that allegedly Dealer Inventory plates are now all embossed (no screened lipstick state name enjoy other issues), & are now black above light yellow. LOUISIANA embossed on top, DEALER on bottom, & the usual white month/year validation sticker at the lower right corner. The low for this style is DI64299 spotted on 2012-06-10. Handicapped Dealer: HD0191 (wheelchair symbol to the left of serial; the HD prefix is embossed full-sized) Update: These new all-embossed plates are black above dark yellow (not a bright yellow). LOUISIANA embossed on top; DEALER embossed on bottom.

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    Francis Lapeyre September 04, 2013
    Flagged As: Information

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