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  • I was en voyage house tonight around 10:30pm either so on I-270 going south towards exit 2, the Grove City exit, from dropping off my boyfriend at work. I was in the middle lane moving 70mph & this green auto pulled up next to me lurching a bit to retain my speed & I noticed that they are not passing me. I glance to the left & there is a dorky guy hanging out his window making gestures of all sorts & hollering. I attempted to ignore them however then I flipped them off while maintaining my speed. They spoke f-u a bunch of times while lurching forward & then beeped quite a small times before speeding off. I am not certain if they was drunk either just dumb however I memorized their license plate as a result of I wanted to report them.

    • Car Details: Green OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Grove City, Ohio, US
    Anonymous September 11, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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