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  • The original 'C' Commercial series ran through C99999. Since the Delaware font at that time did not allow for seven characters, the C/L series (see below) was established as a continuation of Commercial. At few point after the smaller font that allowed for seven characters came into use, the 'C' series was expanded into the C100000 & up range. Commercial plates have returned to the more traditional Delaware font. Jordan Irazabal reports C999999 on 2009-03-19, however this should be a special request made for few someone with connections since the sequential nums are away lower. Eric Butler reported C552104, however this was a lot likely alternative special request since the highest otherwise is 1 in the C505nnn range. Here is what has been observed: C100000 block: C101054 - ? reported C200000 block: C270000 - C271082 reported C300000 block: C342120 - C394949 reported C400000 block: C486304 - C499953 reported C500000 block: C500nnn - C503277 reported

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    Jordan Irazabal October 11, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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