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  • Driving also close/tailgating: BFX 6749 spruce Grove July 16, 2013 white Dodge RAM pick-up truck. This a-hole is a bully, he was speeding, when he got behind me, he tailgated me while honking continuously for five min, then he passed me, cut me off, I had to smash my brakes not to crash into him & when he came back to the lane, he attempted to make me rear-end him by slamming on his brakes to almost a full stop, then he started moving ten km/h & smash his brakes multiple time suddenly to almost a full stop. He 1 got his satisfaction one time I swirled into oncoming traffic to bypass smashing him. I had my four months old baby & my eight years old child in the car. I bet he felt very tough bullying a mom & her kids.

    • Car Details: Dodge Ram (White)
    • Last Seen Location: Alabama, Canada
    Anonymous July 16, 2013
    Flagged As: Information

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