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  • Peter Cohen has confirmed that all Montana special issues are sequentially numbered at the time of manufacture, so there is no pattern for a certain block of letters/numbers conforming to all given type. Lewis & Clark plates was the 1st of the optional issues & numbering began at AAA-001. Lewis & Clark plates are being old on few state-owned vehicles, such as Highway Patrol with the MHP prefix, & Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspector with the MVI prefix. John Northup reports MHP plates are now being made on the Montana Meth Project specialty design. Starting with the ALZ series, there is no longer a hyphen between the letters & numbers, however there is still a space. The series jumped from the ANx series to ARx in March 2011, so the APx series appears to have been skipped. Now the series as well jumped from the ARx series to the AXx series. AXx series low is AXE697.

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    Johnathan Baker July 14, 2014
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