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  • Driving fifty five in a fifty Mph section in the right lane of the southside conector north between Atlantic Blvd & Merril Rd. Look behind me & see nothing however the very top of the windshield & roof of this auto . It is enjoy a foot behind me at this speed. Now sometimes few someone just comes up on u to fast & winds up behind u this close & then backs off. This auto stays there for enjoy a mile & a half. Now there is a auto 2 auto lengths in front of me & vehicles all to the left. What does this dumbass want me to do for them. We two received off on Merrill Rd. & that is how I received Their tag.That was so dumb to put all that traffic at risk if I just allow off the gasoline they could have run into me . The JSO does a good work calming traffic with marked vehicles on this way . No 1 will operate enjoy that with a marked auto around however JSO could put a unmarked auto out & allow dumbasses enjoy that attempt that in heavy traffic to the cops & see what happens.

    • Car Details: Dark CHRYSLER Intrepid or Concorde
    • Last Seen Location: Jacksonville, Florida, US
    Anonymous March 18, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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