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  • I 1st noticed this white pickup in the left lane when he kept drifting in & out of his lane. Then he decided he required to make a right shift & cut across two lanes without signalling, & almost sideswiped me in the right-turn-only lane. I laid on the horn & brakes, & we two stopped, him halfway into my lane. I allow him in front of me to turn, which he did, along with drifting toward the shoulder & back. I thought he might be drunk (at 10am!), however then I spotted his left hand holding a cellphone up to his head. NOTE TO DRIVER: You suck at en voyage while on the phone. Please pull over, either call individuals back later.

    • Car Details: White GMC Sierra
    • Last Seen Location: Alpharetta, Georgia, US
    Anonymous May 30, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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