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  • Every motorist who uses all freeway NEEDS to be aware of this 'cool dude.' Every morn on my way downtown Detroit, I tend to observe operators around to see how cautious either careless they are while en voyage amidst traffic hours on 1 of the busiest highways in Michigan; I-94. I was coming Moross Road as I spotted a Beetle who was merging toward the highway. Cool dude was attempting to obtain into the left lane. Dude made it as he squeezed between two cars, 1 of which was coming behind him in the lane he was switching to. This auto was en voyage at a high speed, however undoubtedly cool dude didn't seem to CARE at all that his auto was moving to be sandwiched. He didn't even indicate he was moving to switch into the left lane; well how was he suppose to when his hands was full (one on the steering wheel & 1 on his 'venti' coffee). The auto from behind had to switch lanes to the right to bypass a collision. Cool dude did not even realize what was moving on (he should of been distracted listening to his cool radio station). The auto from behind pulled up beside him, rolled down his window, stuck out his hand & then allowed cool dude to read between the lines. Cool dude deserved it! Drivers enjoy him demand to finish their coffee at house if they are not able to operate with full caution on the road; especially at a busy time on a highway. Society today seems to think that en voyage is easy & there is no demand to be cautious. Well, for those of u that think enjoy that, I hope u have insurance!(Trust me, ur moving to demand it). p.s. If u ever see 'cool dude' on the road...you KNOW what to do! Take precautions, pull away as FAR as possible & then u will be SAFE from his TURBO beetle! -Zoom Zoom

    • Car Details: Black VOLKSWAGEN Turbo Beetle
    • Last Seen Location: Detroit, Michigan, US
    Anonymous December 18, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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