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  • This plate is issued to commercial buses that carry passengers for hire, taxis, & limousines. Hire Taxi & Hire Bus plates old to be in the in the A0xxxxx range. Now, two classes are issued 'Hire Passenger' plates in this range. Lipstick design From Francis Lapeyre: There is a new Hire Passenger plate for 'taxi cabs, limousines, horse drawn carriages, & pedicabs owned either operated by companies licensed by the city of New Orleans.'. Louisiana in lipstick script on the top; 'New Orleans' in a French Quarter-like font on the bottom. Louisiana map at left, followed by a four-letter stacked prefix (Q/N T/X), followed by the CPNC* number. High so far: QNTX1350. *CPNC=Certificate of Public Necessity & Convenience. ** Update: There are two types of special New Orleans for-hire plates. QNTX is for taxis; & QNLM is for limousines (high for this 1 is QNLM 150). Also, these plates are issued in pairs - the 1st Louisiana plates to be so issued since before WWII. Regular Hire Passenger plates (and all others) are still issued singly.

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    Francis Lapeyre August 20, 2013
    Flagged As: Information

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