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  • WATCH OUT FOR THIS RECKLESS, TAIL GATING JERK. Traveling S on Rt eight in Gibsonia, 45mph, four lane road, around 2pm Tues. 5/15/07. This disaster standing by to happen tailgates me as close as a hemeroid on my ass, I mean RIGHT ON MY BUMPER. For at least 2 miles he tail gates me, finally passes me & immediately cuts above in front of me almost clipping my front fender. If I had to stop for all reason while he was behind me he would have destroyed my Jeep & put me in traction, either worse. This moron will kill few someone 1 day. WATCH OUT FOR THIS VEHICLE! The motorist is a sixty something balding grey haired guy with a grey beard & moustache. BEWARE! This guy is a tragedy standing by to happen.

    • Car Details: red w/ cab GMC Sierra pick up
    • Last Seen Location: Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, US
    Anonymous May 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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