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  • Yesterday I was on the New England thruway going north when this fool was in the left lane & tailgating my truck! He was on my tail heavily & won't lay off even when the sign tells NOT TRUCK OR BUSES IN LEFT LANE! That was on the cross Bronx! He then went back in to the right lane & tailgated alternative truck & change back in to the left lane & back on my tail he was! When the two of us captured up in traffic a small miles down the way I snag the plate number! Hey pal nice driving! Oh & did I mention that ur back plate was pulled up! But I still could see it! Dumb ass!

    • Car Details: white OTHER frightliner box truck
    • Last Seen Location: new england thurway north bound!, New York, US
    Anonymous March 02, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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