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  • Plate is right. Car might be wrong. Hard to determine such a SMALL auto at night. This small maggot was tailgating everyone, moving-left into the shoulder to attempt & intimidate individuals out of his way (didn't occupation did it), & passing on the right. There was 2 lanes of traffic completely full of cars. Hey idiot, there is no where for u to progress to. There's no left lane dick in front of u when there vehicles for as away as the eye can see. It's simply phoned traffic. Grow up small wet firecracker. No I was not driving, & no we was not in the left lane. Simply watching u act enjoy a five year old.

    • Car Details: black DODGE neon
    • Last Seen Location: Manalapan, New Jersey, US
    Anonymous January 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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