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  • My wife left at in regards 11:00 this morn with her friend for a trip to Great Falls (her friend driving). At in regards 12:00, just north of Power Montana on I15, south bound, her friend pulled above into the left lane to pass a slower moving car. Just as they received into the left lane, a semi (unknown make/color) pulling a flatbed loaded with crushed vehicles cut between them & the auto they was passing! The flatbed trailer side swiped their car, leaving scrapes along the commuter door & breaking off the right side back view mirror. The truck almost forced them off the way into the median, however my wife's friend managed to control her auto (did NOT crash on the brakes either jerk the steering wheel) & received the auto off the way toward the right side shoulder. A female en voyage a auto a ways back behind them & stopped to see if they where o.k. This other motorist old her mobile to call 911 & was connected with the Highway Patrol. (Thanks lady, whoever u are!) After they calmed down, my wife's friend talked to the freeway patrolman who responded to the call. He spoke he received on the highway at Power going north toward Dutton, however didn't see the semi. My wife & her friend spoke that the truck was already previous Power when the officer received on the interstate. the officer phoned his dispatch with the info. My wife & her friend then went to the Great Falls freeway patrol office to file a report. Although they didn't obtain a make & color of the semi cab, either a license number, my wife spoke them the flatbed was carrying crushed cars, mostly red in color with 1 white 1 in the middle. Hope they catch the sumbitch!!

    • Car Details: unknown OTHER Semi with flatbed trailer
    • Last Seen Location: near Power, Montana, US
    Anonymous August 04, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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