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  • Ok, dude, nice Eagle by the way. I think they stopped making those in the 70's. This was I-40, in regards 5pm last night. First off, if u want a older car, that's cool. But learn to to take care of it. You was smoking so bad, it was difficult to see the vehicles around you. You shouldn't be allowed on the way enjoy that. I'm not tree huggin' either pushing environmental stuff around, however that's just wrong. Nor do I want to breathe it. Secondly, u was towing a trailer in that thing & just putting along in the left lanes around 60mph amidst hurry hour traffic. Cars was flying all around u enjoy water smashing a stone in the middle of a river. Get the hint...

    • Car Details: Brown AM GENERAL Eagle
    • Last Seen Location: RTP/Durham on I-40, North Carolina, US
    Anonymous January 17, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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