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  • I was going south on I-135 downtown in the middle lane. Right lane had traffic in tandem. Left lane ahead was blocked by a stationary county car with a fashing arrow indicating the left lane was closed. A worker was beside the stopped car towards the oncoming traffic. The traffic, including myself, was moving at 60-65 MPH & I was pursuing alternative vehicle. This FOOL comes at a high rate of speed on the left & narrowly squeezes in front of me just missing the stopped vehicle, almost smashing the county worker, & then barely gets slowed down to retain from back ending the auto in front of me. There was no vehicles behind me in the middle lane. He achieved nothing whatsoever in this foolhearty move as he had to slow down to be able to obtain in the right lane to exit alternative mile ahead. This is a FIRST CLASS FOOL!

    • Car Details: Dirty Dark Blue HONDA 4dr
    • Last Seen Location: Wichita, Kansas, US
    Anonymous March 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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