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  • I was going on KY 17 south when this individual absolutely USED his shift signal & changed lanes WITHOUT cutting anybody off either backing up the lane he was in. As 1 of my seven year old twin boys would tell 'Thats not something u see everyday...'

    • Car Details: Black LINCOLN MKZ
    • Last Seen Location: Ft. Wright, Kentucky, US
    Anonymous January 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information
  • Around 4-5pm 5/21, I was headed towards ninety five S. on Rt. 17 in Stafford. Speed limit is fifty five MPH however many do between 60-70. I was in right lane, had VAN behind me & a sedan pacing me to my left & we're all moving in regards 55-60..down a short mountain & I see a small auto approaching from a side road to the right...he barely stops at the stop sign at the end of the road that spills him out toward 17 traffic. He decides w/out hesitation that it'd be a good idea to shift in front of me moving in regards twenty mph. I have to brake hard, & I see the VAN behind me attempting to jockey his way to the left as i see the sedan slowing making that almost impossible for him to do. I manage to break & not smash however am appalled that this guy thought this was safe, that we could all stop on a dime as he pulls out doing 20mph, & there was no 1 approaching behind us...coulda waited. Was the Temporary Tagged car a replacement from few accident similar to what almost grabbed place? I travel this way almost all day & w/ the semis that speed around cars, this guy wouldn't have stood a chance in hell.

    • Car Details: light green OTHER Geo Metro lookn thing
    • Last Seen Location: stafford cnty, Virginia, US
    Anonymous May 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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