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  • As I was en voyage to Great Falls south on I15 this morning, I saw a pickup ahead towing a flat bed trailer. As I was slowly gaining on him, I saw something fly off the trailer toward the road. I changed lanes to bypass the debris & saw that it was a piece of aluminum approximately 5-6 feet long, in regards four inches wide. (looked enjoy it was either a flattened piece of rain gutter either few aluminum trim). When the debris flew off the trailer, I saw his brake lights momentarily come on, however he didn't stop. As I passed him, I pointed back at the debris, however he kept on going. I thought he was moving to take the Vaughn exit & loop back to pick it up, however he didn't. If anybody ran above that piece of aluminum & received a flat & reads this, now u have the license num of the responsible person!

    • Car Details: Tan or Gold OTHER Pick Up
    • Last Seen Location: Just North of Vaughn, Montana, US
    Anonymous April 21, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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