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  • To the moron on the Parkway who decided to damn near run up under me twice, one time getting on south from 280 & the other time right previous South Orange Ave, u must be lucky I didn't downshift & kick it in four wheel...otherwise ur butt woulda been the latest speed bump in this state! Try it again & u will be! And to ALL BMW, Infiniti & Benz drivers: DO NOT ACT LIKE YOU OWN THE ROAD! REMEMBER THAT I AM BIGGER THAN YOU, YOU DO HAVE BLIND SPOTS THAT OTHER VEHICLES COULD BE IN, AND I CAN (AND WILL) RUN OVER YOU!

    • Car Details: Black BMW 330i
    • Last Seen Location: East Orange, New Jersey, US
    Anonymous December 27, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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