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  • 5:45 pm: Silver extended cab Ford pickup with roof lights flew up behind me & received within six inches of my bumper in the left lane of Route 23 North. I fled up to obtain out of his way however there is 1 so fast Im willing to go on ice!!! He fled up right along with me... Driver on the right wouldn't allow me in. He received a opening on the right & flew up on top of the individual next to me - who floored it. As soon as he could clear me he cut me off from the right & gunned it. Got perhaps 1 mile up the way & grabbed the exit for Route 515 (from the left lane of course - just flew across traffic). Unfortunately that's how I go home. He was riding few someone else's bumper on 515 by the time I captured up to him. Wish I could have remembered the state code for reporting dangerous operators by mobile to the state troopers. Highways, backroads, speeding, icy conditions, tailgating, cutting individuals off... ur license must be revoked.

    • Car Details: Silver FORD Ext Cab Pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Stockholm -Vernon Border, New Jersey, US
    Anonymous February 16, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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