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  • Eastbound in Monroe, Louisiana at 2:30 this afternoon in mm#115 this car came alongside me on a merge ramp. The motorist 1st attempted to beat my tractor-trailer to the end of the ramp & gave up when he reached the commuter door of the cab. He fell back to the end of the 57' trailer then changed his mind again. He accelerated hard however ran out of merge ramp as he passed the front of the trailer, so he passed me on the shoulder. Probably to scare me, he skimmed as close as possible to the right corner of the cab without smashing it then cut sharply from the shoulder immediately into the left lane. He cut me off hard & close. He as well cut off the line of cars passing me on the left. This caused a braking chain reaction & few of the cars behind me in the left lane had to move right to bypass braking vehicles. Then he drove away fast cutting off operators as he friquently changed lanes back & forth.

    • Car Details: maroon CHEVROLET impala
    • Last Seen Location: monroe, Louisiana, US
    Anonymous December 13, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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