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  • On 38 moving easbound into noblesville, right before it jogs toward 32 (by the hospital) the car behind me flys up on my right side, i serve into the oncoming lane to bypass from them smashing my car. I was moving five above the speed limit so it wasnt as a result of i was moving to slow. Soon as they are infront of me I open my telephone to type in their lisense plate in hopes of seeing a cops auto I can stop. They should notice my mobile telephone lighting up as a result of then they are speeding up & swerving in & out of traffic until they shift off of 32 right before the court house. I had my 2 young children in my car, & my four y/o niece. I was livid at their actions. Not to mention they was cutting off other cars ahead of me. Can we tell possibly drunk? This was feb fifteen 2008 around 8:45 pm. BEWARE of this incosiderate wreckless driver. They are 1 dumb act from causing a really not good accident.

    • Car Details: ugly orange brown bronze OTHER SUV like
    • Last Seen Location: Noblesville, Indiana, US
    Anonymous February 16, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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